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Blossom is a bee with a great sense of adventure. Despite the fact that no bee has ever ventured farther than the home garden, her heart longs to experience everything the world beyond has to offer. Help her grow blooms so she can collect nectar to travel around this bee-utiful world!

How to play

Link your way through bee-autiful gardens full of colourful buds. Make the buds bloom to clear the flowerbeds before you run out of moves!

Link 3 or more buds of the same colour to grow them. Sit back and watch as you set off an epic chain reaction of blooming flowers. If the chain begins to shake, you’re in for a big surprise!


Shovel: The shovel can remove weeds, break glass and also remove flowers!


Plant Pots: Plant Pots are like prisons to flowers! Rebel against them by knocking them down!

Moles: Moles are cute but messy! Each turn they are not dealt with, they will borrow holes in your garden and reduce the amount of space you have to manoeuvre.

Glass: Glass is a tricky obstacle that has to be eliminated in a very specific way. To shatter the glass you have to link uncovered buds to those under the glass.

Weeds: Dreaded weeds are the enemy of every budding gardener out there! To get rid of weeds you will have to create links next to the weeds.



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